How To Maintain Relationships Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Keep up with your prospects and respectfully stay on their minds.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to shape our daily life into the unknown, it’s imperative to keep up with the expectations and guidelines set forth by the Government and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This can be tricky in the world of sales, with the majority of our job taking place in visiting customers and prospects.

Here are some tips on how you can continue to nurture your relationships and positively communicate with your pipeline during the COVID-19 outbreak.


How Are You Responding? 

It seems like every day there are new rules and regulations set by the government in regards to essential businesses, and those that are not. There is no doubt that being in the sales industry at a time like this can be extremely difficult. With strict rules in place and limited options, it’s important to stay agile and think outside of the box.

With some businesses temporarily shutting their doors, others following the guidelines and others calling an audible to continue operation as best as they can — it’s important that you be respectful of the decisions made by customers, and change your plan of action if needed.

You may need to consider all of the options to get your job done, and it may look much different than your normal routine. You may find yourself trying something completely new, like videos, phone calls, or handwritten “digital” letters. Don’t forget, maintain a calm and collected voice in all messaging. You want to keep your tone positive while maintaining awareness of the severity of the situation at hand.


Give Them Something To Look Forward To

Part of maintaining and nurturing your relationship with your prospects is providing them with something that they can use now or in the future to keep your name at the top of their minds. Remember, consumers are constantly flooded with options. You want to be sure that amidst the clutter of daily media consumption, your voice is heard!

Offer them something that they can use now, or in the future. A great route to take is by giving them something that they can consume digitally. This could take shape in various ways depending upon your industry, such as a YouTube video, Webinar video, Instagram Live session, Voicemail, Journal Club conference call, or other virtual event.

While some accounts may be out of the question for you to visit and teach about your product, creating a digital tool could be extremely helpful. Consider making a video that explains what you are trying to sell, and share it with those accounts you have already established a relationship with but that may still be on the fence about closing the deal. Even if you receive a “now isn’t the best time,” that time is coming — and they will remember your creative thinking and unique approach to a difficult scenario such as what we are facing today. Remember to discard the “features and benefits” spiel and focus more on the value of your solution and how it will help them.


Trust The Process

If there are still accounts you can approach in regards to your product, do so with respect to the standards set by the CDC. You want to be sensitive to what is going on, and make sure that as you foster new relationships, they know you are aware of the severity of what is going on and your intentions are to provide a tool to improve their business.

Go the extra mile, remember how important it is to have a healthy relationship with your prospects, and that your foundation is trust.  While it can be frustrating to have to implement so many changes and wake up every day with new suggestions and measures to take — stay positive. Trust the process, and know that you are not alone. When we get to the other side of this crisis, there will be endless opportunities!


Take Action

At Legacy Now Coaching we have had the privilege of working with clients from many different industries.  Some of our top prospecting strategies that have been extrapolated from our team and clientele, during this current situation, are below:

1. SimplyNoted: Allows you to select a beautiful card stock online, create your own message to your customer or prospect, and SimplyNoted turns your message into a hand-written message to your client.  They even take care of the stamp, shipping, and delivery for a low cost.

  • This allows you to personalize your message to your customers, to sustain that relationship, or reach out to a new prospect while respecting their boundaries during this crisis. A handwritten letter tends to be a lot more meaningful then a text message.
  • TIP: Wish them good health and safety at the end of your message. Let them know that you are thinking about them and are genuinely concerned.

2. Slydial: Connects your call directly to your customer or prospect’s voicemail, allowing you to skip the conversation and just leave a voicemail. You can also send a pre-recorded voicemail to up to ten people at once.

  • Picking up the phone and having a conversation with your customer or prospect is the best-case scenario, but it has a time and place.  If you know your prospect is in a meeting and you want to deliver an impactful message or you want to wish your client a quick happy birthday, Sklydial has you covered.
  • TIP: Use this in conjunction with your handwritten letters to make sure you are staying “top of mind.”

3. GoToMeeting: Instantly join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from a conference room, your desk or a remote location via your Mac, PC or mobile device

  • Not only can you host the meeting, but you can also share journal articles, PowerPoint presentations, literature, key-differentiators, and more to the group while they listen.  You could even give a product demonstration.
  • TIP: Ask your top customers if they would be willing to talk about their experience with your product and why it has been beneficial to them.  Then, invite your top 3-5 prospects to tune in on a certain time.

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