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Legacy Now Coaching is an Arizona-based, fully-immersive sales coaching firm dedicated to helping young and seasoned sales professionals reach their full potential.

How have we turned our clients into leading sales experts in their field? By fostering a fully-immersive sales training experience. We give candidates the unique opportunity to ride along with our experienced trainers to perfect the in-person cold call from start to finish, capturing a day in the life of a sales expert. In addition, our firm assists you with job placement and interview preparation.

Our straightforward, well-documented, elite training program refines and perfects your sales pitch, strengthens your capabilities, and allows you to dominate the industry.

Whether you’re struggling to hit your quota every year, wanting to take your income to the next level, or are looking to simply break into sales — Legacy Now Coaching will help you on the road to greatness.

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The Founder | Scott Macon

Scott Macon

In 2011, as a recent college graduate, Scott found himself lost and frazzled in the job market. His countless attempts to enter the sales industry failed, and hopelessly, he settled as a waiter in a restaurant in Scottsdale.

Despite his setbacks, Scott still felt that he was destined for more. He put vigorous passion in his work, determined to provide an amazing experience to each and every customer that walked into the door.

Scott hoped that one day, all of his hard work and perseverance would make a difference. And one day, it did.

As he waited tables, putting forth his best service, Scott made an impression on just the right customer. She was the VP of Sales for a privately-owned Medical Device Company, and upon seeing the passion Scott laid into his work, she offered him an interview for her company.

Since then, Scott has risen and thrived in the Medical Device Industry, spending 9+ years developing his craft and fueling his passion. Now, he dedicates his life to helping others discover their purpose and prosper within the sales industry.

  • Developmental Coach in Medical Sales
  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP)

Scott Macon’s Track Record

165.8% to quota for Upper Extremity Product Line

#1 District in the Nation
Ranked #1 out of 8 reps in Arizona
Grew Territory by $1.1M over previous year

191.8% to quota for Biologics Product Line

Ranked #1 out of 142 reps in the Nation for highest revenue growth vs. previous year
Ranked #1 out of 142 reps in the Nation for highest percentage to quota
Ranked #3 out of 142 reps in the Nation for total revenue sold, regardless of territory size

Are you ready to discover your purpose?